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Easily be compliant with CFPB, ALTA Best Practices and Regulatory Requirements.

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Easily Manage and Share Credentials

OurRecords provides credential management solutions for all of your professional documentation and credentials. Easily maintain and securely share Notary Commission, E&O, Background Check, W9’s, Licenses, Certifications, Training Certificates and more, all in one place.


Secure Document Sharing (SIFT)

Secure alternative to expensive and bulky encrypted email solutions. Secure Intelligent File Transfer (SIFT) allows sending and receiving of documents securely. Securely share Signed Loan Documents (i.e. “Fax Backs”), Photo IDs, Drivers License Numbers, Account Wiring Information, etc. Many subtle features make SIFT the easiest file sharing solution on the market. Don’t send it, “SIFT It”


Custom Professional Profiles

Create professional, shareable professional profiles for your business. Create a custom profile for each customer type or even for your email signature. Securely share compliance documentation (optionally) with each profile. Take your business to the next level.


Connect to Companies Directly

Connect to companies looking for your service directly. Once you agree to connect your credentials can be automatically shared with all connected companies. Update a certificate and license and your all set. All of your connected companies are “up to date”.


Personal Assistant

Don’t hire an assistant or manually send, and track delivery of your credentials to your customers and clients. Use OurRecords Personal Assistant. You can create profiles of credentials and records and identify which clients need which documents. All are automatically sent securely with your professional profile.


Set and Forget Proactive Alerts

Let the system alert you of pending compliance expirations or new requirements so you can stay focused on your work AND stay compliant. Any professional or personal document or certification can be configured to have automated reminders sent.



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