For Settlement / Title Agents


Manage Your Underwriter and ALTA Best Practices Requirements with Ease!

OurRecords Mortgage Compliance Network

Automates Compliance Management for Title / Settlement Agents.


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OurRecords provides compliance management solutions for Title and Settlement Agents. OurRecords serves nationwide customers with an enterprise wide solution. Managing 10 to 10,000 vendors, locations or workforce can be customized for your needs and OurRecords easily integrates with your existing IT solutions.


Signing Agent Approval Program

Automate collection of all Signing Agent compliance records including W9, E&O, Notary Commission, Integrated Background Check, and your custom agreements.


Automate Staff Compliance Management

Monitor Compliance of Staff Prerequisite programs including integrated background checks, training, policy agreements, and other requirements.


Secure Document Sharing (SIFT)

Secure alternative to expensive and bulky encrypted email solutions. Secure Intelligent File Transfer (SIFT) allows sending and receiving of documents securely. Many subtle features make SIFT the easiest file sharing solution on the market. Don’t send it, “SIFT It”


Receive Automated Compliance Reports

Receive automated weekly compliance reports or generate compliance reports on demand. Quickly assess supplier and staff compliance.


Set and Forget Proactive Alerts

Let the system alert your suppliers and staff to pending compliance expirations or new requirements so you can stay focused on your work AND stay compliant.


Securely Share Compliance Documents

Automate the secure distribution of required organizational compliance documents to your customers, auditors, title insurance underwriters and state regulators.



OurRecords easily integrates with your existing IT solutions for “real-time” compliance reporting.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, …


Define Custom Compliance Groups: Configure credential requirements for business partners and workforce.



Invite Participant Companies and Individuals: With OurRecords engaging with thousands of participants is a snap.



Review, Approve & Maintain Compliance: Submissions arrive securely. Reviewing, approving and requesting additional information is quick and easy!