Food Compliance Network For Distributors


Prep for your FSMA, GFSI, and Customer Audits with Ease! 

OurRecords Food Compliance Network

Automates Compliance Management for Food Distributors.


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Easily On-Board Suppliers 

Use our Food Compliance Network industry requirements for fast setup. Quickly create custom requirements to meet your Supplier Approval program. Invite your suppliers and the system will manage the notification and collection of documents and data from there!


Automate on-going Supplier Compliance

Collecting compliance documents for your supplier approval program is time consuming. With HACCP Plans, Insurance, Kosher and Organic certifiations and other requirements all with different expiration dates, on-going management is even harder! OurRecords proactively does the work for you to keep your suppliers compliant.


Automate Staff Compliance Management

Staff Background checks for your food defense program along with training and policy requirements for your Quality programs can quickly become unwieldy. OurRecords’ staff requirements management minimizes the administration overhead while keeping your organization compliant.


Centralize and Easily Distribute your Compliance Documentation

Keep all your compliance documents in one place with easy, secure access from anywhere 24 x 7. Easily distribute your compliance documentation to your customers to ensure you stay in good standing!


Receive Automated Compliance Reports

Receive automated weekly compliance reports or generate compliance reports on demand. Quickly assess supplier and staff compliance.


Set and Forget Proactive Alerts

Let the system alert your suppliers and staff to pending compliance expirations or new requirements so you can stay focused on your work AND stay compliant.