Control and Secure your information!

Don’t let your data sit in an unprotected file cabinet or database. Ensure the security and privacy of your records with an OurRecords account.

Your account is owned and controlled by You!

Your credentials and records belong to you and go where you go. Use your account to verify your eligibility to work and volunteer in your community. Benefits include:

  • You are in control of all your records
  • OurRecords verifies and certifies your records
  • Manage personal and professional records all in one account
  • Your account stays with you throughout your career
  • Records are accessible 24/7 from any device
  • Automatic alerts for expiring records
  • Verified eligibility to get you working faster
  • Custodial accounts for your entire family
  • Secure, mobile, verified

When employers, customers, or other community organizations need your information, you can securely share your information with controlled, limited access. Redundant paperwork and background checks are eliminated.

Conveniently Manage your records, anytime, anywhere…

OurRecords utilizes cloud based infrastructure to provide you with access to records from any device connected to the internet. You can securely store critical records or record locations all in a single account.

Our intuitive system, walks you through cataloging and set up of your records. You can also conveniently manage and access dependent accounts for your family members. No more digging through paper files or calling home to get access to critical information when you need it.

Protect your Family’s records with Custodial Accounts

With and OurRecords account, you can easily manage records for your minor children or elderly adults. Securely store, organize and manage important documents and critical information.

Let OurRecords step you through a simple process to create COPPA compliant child Val-ID accounts that include critical identification records. secure immunization, physical and other records in a HIPAA compliant environment to easily share limited information with schools, camps and sports organizations.